Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never stop rejoicing and adoring!!!

Beautiful and peaceful daybreak
It's 3rd Saturday I went cycling, and this time together with my dear son. We departed at 5.50am, when the sky was still so dark, with no moon around. The road was still so quiet and there were few joggers and cyclists in the park.

When the sun slowly appeared :)

Love the sunrise, the sky and the birds, everything!!! I am blessed :)
Since it's Saturday, I slowed down following the rhythm and my son's speed. It's much more relaxed than what I usually had on myself. Slowly but steady. We made one round of Punggol Park and met up near the Sunrise Bridge. Just nice, after reaching there, we managed to witness the slowly rising sun, which was beautiful and mesmerizing. Simply wonderful!!!

Slowly appeared into the sky

View of the airplane - so this is where the sound coming from :D

Enjoying breakfast early in the morning :)
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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