Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The joy of meeting 'Willpower Human'

In previous post I was saying that I'd install a new habit. And now it's third day I woke up at 5am. Tell you what. I will describe the feeling that I had while cycling from these past two days here.

I departed at 5.30am from my home. The sky was dark. I was all alone, accompanied only by the crescent moon on my whole journey. I looked at it far above the sky, greeted and smiled :) At that hour, there were not many cars yet, moreover human.

I rode my bike while listening to Buddhist chants along the road path, all alone, quiet and dark. Sometimes there was water sound from the man-made river. Few times when I realized I was alone, the eerie feeling would turn up and scared myself he-he... I conquered it by listening to the chant. Luckily it didn't last long. Once I was reaching the bridge - I called it 'Sunrise Bridge' - where you could see the sunrise - I started seeing human beings.

It started with one or two cyclists from the opposite direction, then an old man who was doing exercise on the bridge. I started smiling and felt happy when seeing them because I was no more alone. From that point onwards, I had this gut feeling to observe the human that I met along the way. I called them “Willpower Human”, which means human with strong willpower.

Every time I passed them by, I would tell myself, “Wow!!! What a wonderful willpower human they are!! They wake up so early everyday (after two days of my observation when I met the same person again), just to do the exercise and keep themselves in a good health (body and mind).”

Since yesterday, I was observing them. I wanted to know how old they were. Was it more men or women? What they did? Was it walking? Sitting and meditating? Cycling? Running? It was at same path, almost same location where I saw them.

A lady in training suit was sweating and walking fast with two barbells on her left and right hand in a good coordination of the body moving. That’s the first that captured my view after passing by the bridge. Moving on, I saw a couple of old man and woman who walked separately, but they obviously know each other and perhaps husband and wife.

I saw an old man in a wheelchair yesterday. He was sitting all alone facing the big river. I was wondering who brought him there, or how could he land himself there as the place couldn’t be reached directly so easy using the wheelchair. And this morning, I finally found the answer.

I saw a man in running suit pushing the wheelchair from the opposite direction. “Haa…,” I nodded and talked to myself. “As per what I guessed.” There must be someone who pushed him there and left him while he did the exercise nearby. That was really great intention by this “willpower man”. The old man looked so weak and couldn’t walk himself. But he has a chance to enjoy the morning breeze and I saw him doing meditation, and it all thanked to the man who brought him there. Again, I was smiling and felt very happy seeing both of them.

On the way to Punggol Park, I would pass by a long road path. It was the path where I could meet more people. And these past two days, I saw the exact same people with additional of others. The same running man, the same bare-top man with a lady walking side by side and talking to each other, the same group of aunties in orange shirts walking by, the same old man clapping his hand while exercising, the same couple who did the warming up, and so on. It was so interesting, at least for me. I won’t get myself bored to see them again and again. They even motivated me to go there daily so that I can find them again.

Once reached Punggol Park, I would find some old men walking backward. It’s how he did his exercise. There were few more middle-aged women wearing same orange shirts did any kind of exercise they like. I rode one round around the pond and would pass by a group of about 20 middle-age people wearing same uniform that walked and marched together. They were all sweating and breathing hard. When I passed them by, I would hear the old man’s voice warned the rest of the group in front, “Xiao xin, jiao chi zai hou mian,” which means, “Be careful, bicycle on your back.” I heard it for a second time today, same voice and same person. I was smiling and happy hearing his warning as he cared about the safety of that group of people.

Oohhh…. It felt so good!!! Doing thing that you love really makes you feel wonderful. You wouldn’t feel dragged down to wake up so early in the morning. You would do it again and again, willingly, which I would say, opening up your heart for it.

On my way back, I saw some people whom I met earlier, going back to their home. Some aunties brought the plastic bag (perhaps after buying breakfast from nearby coffee shop for her families back home). Some were chit chatting on the bench. It seemed that this morning activity had created friendships for them :) And I would smell BBQ prawn from the prawn fishing place that located above the road path at that hour. Amazing right?? Some people didn’t require sleeping at all and enjoyed their lives anytime!! Haha….

It was still dark when I returned back to where I was from. After passing the “Sunrise Bridge”, I would be alone again, with view of very few people running or doing exercise. The moon was still there smiling at me. And before I went up, I met a cyclist who greeted me, “Morning!!” for a very first time human interaction and I greeted him back, smiling. Hehe… I also met an old couple who happened coming from the same estate where I stay, walking to the “Sunrise Bridge” direction. Usually I met them when I was on the way to MRT station to work. So now I know where they came back from.

There were group of people standing up in circle and I didn’t really know what they do, honestly. They were doing some kind of breathing exercise and I could hear their voice, which at first I thought was singing, hehe… This “Willpower humans” were the same group and were there these past two days.

It was wonderful! I will do it as many as I can, since I stay not far from the park. And being able to do this was really a gift, as not every day or every time that the weather was good. Tomorrow onwards, I will greet more on people whom I meet ba! Meeting so many willpower humans has made me feel happy and full of joy!

Reaching home, I put my bike back. Went to kitchen, took 2 carrots and 2 oranges out from the fridge, and made the fresh juices. Once done, I would sit on my balcony, enjoying the cool breeze and healthy juice, ready to start my day!


Anonymous said...

my will power now is to do exercise.. either brisk walk or dance with xbox. to release the stress and tension and to forget the crying baby sound that hanging in my head. and eat less rice..
i already back to my normal weight after deilvery but increase 3 kg again.. huaaaaaaa...
about thinking should i eat the customize food for diet people? but it would be expensive.. haiz.

Overcome said...

Dear Sis, take your time when planning to lose weight. It took me few years after giving birth to back to my normal shape too. Just eat more fruit, veggie, and less rice ba!

When having brisk walk, bring ur baby and lil boy w u. Ur baby needs fresh air too :)

You can go through this! It's all will over when they grow bigger. Understand, accept and let go. Ok? Take care! With lots of love, me :)

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